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How much does a translation cost?


It is very difficult to give a simple answer to this question as the price of a translation depends on the text itself. Generally, you can expect to pay between €0.10 - €0.14 per source word for a good quality professional translation.  

When I receive your text I will prepare a quote based on a number of factors, including:
  • Word count - the number of words in your document.

  • Research - if there is complex terminology requiring additional research.

  • Formatting - if any special formatting is required.  Please send a version of the document in an editable format such as Microsoft Word, rather than PDFs or scans.

  • Repetition - any repetition within the document.


Small jobs are subject to a minimum charge of €30.  Any order exceeding €500 will be subject to a 50% deposit.  Credit terms are strictly 30 days.  Payment can be made via bank transfer or by French cheque.


Please note that no tax is applied due to my "Autoentrepreneur" status. 

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all work is subject to the ITI Model Terms of Business (PDF).

As a member of the ITI, I adhere to the ITI Code of Professional Conduct (PDF).

Advice for buying translation...


The Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) and its partners have published two free guides providing the low-down on planning and working on translation projects.

Translation Getting it Right from the ITI
Translation buying a non-commodity from the ITIrom the


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